Sunday, 13 October 2013

Things I love about winter

1 - Knitted jumpers/cardigans
2 - HOT bubble baths
3 - Snuggling on the sofa while it's chilly outside
4 - Being able to wear wooly hats,scarves/snoods & mittens/gloves
5 - Fluffy socks
6 - All the family movies that come on the tele
7 - The wintery/Christmas scents that come out in air fresheners and candles
8 - Getting in from being out in the cold snuggling with a blanket & a hot chocolate
9 - Actually snuggling in your bed covers
1O - Snuggling with the girls & Andy with a film and candles on (I know you can have candles on in the summer but it's so much better in the winter)
11 - The scrummy dinners
12 - The all over cosy feeling of being in the warm when it's so cold outside

I'll be updating this as I think of more :) 


  1. I love coming in from the cold and getting all cosy too! I also love being all warm and cosy indoors when it's pouring down rain or snowing outside. Something about being in my living room with my kids makes me feel so safe! Best feeling!

    1. Me too, there's just something really cosy and special about being inside in the warm with your own little family xx