Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Christmas craft/bucket list

Decorate goody bags
Make christmas cookies
Make a christmas tree from loo roll tubes
Make feet print reindeers
Make felt Christmas trees
Visit Santa in his grotto
Go see the reindeer's
Make Christmas cakes 
Decorate baubles
Make hand/feet art
Make a wreath 
Write a letter to Santa
Decorate our tree
Make decorations out of the ends of bottles

Christmas Crafts

With Christmas nearing I'm stocking up and hunting for all sorts of crafty fun to do with the girls, This morning I hunted pinterest for some ideas and created a Christmas crafts board you can find my board here
On my board you will find all sorts from hand/foot/finger print creations, paper plate creations, Qtips creations, puzzle pieces, beads and more.

Friday, 22 November 2013

We've been to see santa

Last night me, the girls & one of my good friends Tasha went to see Santa in his grotto, all courtesy of my wonderful friend she paid for us to go as a treat for the girls (what lucky girls we are). 
Before entering Sanats grotto each child was given a Grotto passport with 3 different things to complete to collect a stamp and the very last thing was to get a sticker from santa (pictured below)
The first task at Santas grotto the girls had to do some singing before entering (the reindeer pokey, I'll post the lyrics further down) And Santa's elf said they had to help save Christmas because some pesky rats had chewed open all the presents Santa had just finished wrapping, So once they go through the doors to the beginning of Santas grotto they had to snowball the pesky rats. 

Once the rats had been snowballed they got to go through another step of the grotto and got to decorate their own Christmas decorations.

 After the Christmas decorations had been finished it was time to head through to Santa's kitchen to make some magic reindeer food to help the reindeer's know where to stop.
Once The magic Reindeer food was finished it was time to head through to Santa but he had fallen asleep, so they had to shout to wake him up, Once he was awake they got to chat with Santa then it was time to clap 2 times and the presents for each child came down the chimney. After they had all received their presents it was time to tell Santa what they would like for Christmas and had a chance to have a photo with him, Daisie wasn't interested in getting in a photo or talking to Santa because silly me forgot her cuppy, she was super tired and just wanted to strip Santas Christmas tree so we only managed to get a picture of Issy with him.

Us adults also got a little present we each got a Christmas tree to grow, Each child had to go and get one and take it over to whoever had taken them to see Santa, Issy grabbed one but I told her to give it to Tasha as she had paid for the whole thing, Shortly after Daisie followed all the others grabbed her one and brought it over to me saying thank you :') I could have burst into tears of pride she seemed so grown up and apart from Daisie running off every now and then the girls were so well behaved.

Reindeer Pokey Lyrics 
I loved this so I can imagine your little ones would love it too :)
 (to the tune of the hokey cockey!)

You put your antlers in,
You put your antlers out,
You put your antlers in,
And you shake them all about.
You do the reindeer pokey,
And you turn yourself around,
That's what its all about!

Whoooaa the reindeer pokey,
whoooaa the reindeer pokey,
whoooaa the reindeer pokey,
hooves in, tails out

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Ah the terrible two's

You've just got to love this stage right?
The terrible two's have recently arrived, I suppose we were quite lucky as more often than not it's usually before they've even turned two that they start.
 Daisie's at that stage were you daren't say the word no or it's a fall to the floor kicking and screaming situation, Bed times a great game of musical beds to play jumping into her sisters bed as she's trying to sleep, she's worked out how to open the bedroom stair gate so she likes to come down and let us know how proud she is that she done it, If she asks for a drink/food it has to be her way and immediately if you've altered it in anyway or ran out of her favourite juice/snack your going to know about it, take something off her shes not meant to have is a throw whatever is near by and then herself to the floor, If she wants it she MUST have it even if her sister had it first

Writing this I realized she might sound like a really spoilt little moo but trust me she is told no
and the naughty step is being introduced now that she understands what its all about

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Christmas scents

christmas scents

Of course it's filled with Yankee candles ;) But a air freshener alternative which I love is spiced apple by Glades it smells delicious last year you could get them in packs of 2, I was originally naming this winter scents but as they are all from the Christmas section Christmas scents seemed a more fitting name. I'd love a small or medium Jar of one or two of the scents but most I'd be happy with a votive as I'm starting to get quite a collection and I'm still no where near the bottom of my medium Jar I got earlier on in the year, I didn't want to light it and ruin it (I only ever burn tealights and keep all pretty ones unlit) but Andy wanted me to light it so it was lit.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Whens to old?

Recently Andy suggested we get Issy a little more stylish and not so smothered in character stuff like hello kitty, Minnie mouse etc as he's concerned she may get bullied at school, Everyone has the usual black/navy coat, biker jackets, parker jackets and generally really cute stylish coats and there's our little Issy in a pink coat covered in hello kitty's. It's cute but of course having your child bullied is every parents worst nightmare. I'm terrified she may start having other kids call her a baby or comment on the fact her clothes are a bit babyish at times but at the same time I want her to know if she likes and she's happy others opinions really don't matter,  I know shops sell character clothes for older girls but they have more of a stylish design to them and aren't so child like, Of course I don't want to take her childhood away and make her grow up to quickly either, I see plenty of other little girls the same age as Issy looking super cute and very stylish with their little bun doughnuts in, big bows, little bags etc

So I'd like other mummy opinions are we panicking to much? 
she will be 6 in January
I think we should opt for the more stylish designs of characters and not the so toddler looking designs which fixes the problem altogether she's not having her childhood ripped away, she's stylish and she's happy

Thursday, 14 November 2013

My very own fairy blogmother

If you popped by my blog a little earlier you may have noticed I had made a total mess of it, I thought I'd try and be a bit clever and give my blog a new fresh look and totally failed at it!
So I ran straight to my fairy blogmother who I knew would have no problem fixing my mess and would give my blog the lovely refreshing look it needed and she did exactly that :) Thank you so much once again you've given me an amazing looking blog, I must drive you mad wanting it changed every other month but you can't beat a fresh look can you :)

You can find my fairy blogmother here

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Chirstmas has landed at dunelm mill

Chirstmas has landed at dunelm mill

Today I received an email from dunelm mill tilted Christmas crackers and it was full of their Christmas range, I couldn't help but take a peak on the website, here's a few things I'd love to add to my Christmas box this year.

You can find the full range here

Monday, 11 November 2013

Dry like me potty training pads

I saw these on offer in asda so grabbed them to give them a go now that Daisie is preferring to wear pants/pull ups instead of nappies now, She's still terrified of the potty and toilet but seems to be okay on the one we have in our living room, she'll sit and do all the noises but so far no actual toilets on it. These cost around £2.5O I think it was, I'm yet to give them a try but I think Daisie will like the fact she will have big girls knickers on just like her sister :)

Each pack is unisex and contains 18 pads and a FREE pad pouch for changes while you are out. 
I think it's a great idea that you can turn all pants into training pants just like the box says.
I will do another post on how we get on with them soon

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Peppa pig - Multivitamins

I spotted these in asda for £1.5O and they seemed perfect for getting some vitamins into Daisie with her being a peppa pig fanatic and them looking just like packets of sweets.
Each box contains 7 sachets and each sachet has 3 peppa pig heads in and have come in a variety of flavours Apple,Blackcurrant,Orange & Strawberry
each sachet has VITAMINS A,B,C,D & E

You can also get Multivitamins Gummy George pigs, Vitamin C gummy peppa pigs & Calcium + Vitamin D gummy peppa pigs.

So far so good Daisie thinks they are sweets and always asks for another pack, Issy how ever heard they were vitamins had a pack and wasn't keen so I'll be seeing what else I can get for her and will be keeping the vitamin part secret, I'll definitely be stocking up one these on my next food shop

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Fun christmas ideas

Something great to do with your kids or grand kids for Christmas season. Buy 25 books, wrap them and place them near the tree with a fluffy blanket and stuffed toy to cuddle with. Every evening they get to take one of the books and open them and you spend some time reading to them and cuddling.

I can't wait to give each of these a go :) 

DISCLAIMER: I take no credit for these ideas, each I came across on facebook through friends sharing them. 

The pre christmas clear out

Let the fun begin....
Even tho I've been clearing out all through the year the whole house still seems ridiculously cluttered :( I throw black sacks out/send them to charity every other week and it just doesn't seem to make a difference. I've given so much away I'm now giving eBay a go so I can at least get a few ££'s to put towards the Christmas shopping as it really isn't that far away, Half of the girls stuff isn't worn/used so it's worth a shot.

The girls room still looks like it's been turned upside down I still need to grab them a wardrobe/s and a bookcase as well as some new beds each  but with Christmas round the corner they will have to wait for a bit.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

We've had the tooth fairy visit

Issy lost her first tooth on the 28th October and her second wobbly tooth has finally made it's exit :) her new teeth have already come through behind the wobbly ones slightly. She got £1 for her first tooth even tho she forgot to put it under her pillow before she went to bed, She also had £1 from the day before as a treat when she realised she had £2 once she had put both of them together she gave one to her little sister so they both had £1 to spend at the shops :')

Do you have any tooth fairy traditions?
 I'd love to have a little tradition for the girls as they grow up but I'm totally clueless on what atm

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Little artist

My girls just love adding their own little touch to things, Not so much Issy anymore but if there's a pen/pencil or crayon to hand Daisie will have a little doodle, As cute as it is that shes getting all arty I'd much rather it was on some paper and not her bedroom walls, my new tv cabinet or my freshly painted living room walls :(
So a fresh lick of paint in the girls room is on the cards and I have to tackle getting the drawings off the wallpaper and find something to cover the bit Daisie ripped off. I have plans to wallpaper another wall but while she's at this little artist stage I'm wondering if it's even worth bothering with for now.
I also have plans of spraying/painting a part of their wall with blackboard paint Andy will be giving it a wooden boarder but I'm still torn will they stick to that part or will they think it's okay to draw on the other walls too because they are on that one? I just don't know but I'm hoping the fact it has a wooden boarder it will look like I've stuck an isle to the wall :) Time shall tell

Friday, 1 November 2013

Goodbye, October

Goodbye, October.
Bring on the firework displays, cosey nights in and let the Christmas madness begin.
The girls had their Halloween party last night,  Now that's over and done with I can start flapping about over Christmas and Issy's birthday in January.
I've got quite a collection of presents for the girls building up but no matter how big the pile 
I'll always flap about and think it's not enough, every year I say I'll be cutting down.