Thursday, 21 November 2013

Ah the terrible two's

You've just got to love this stage right?
The terrible two's have recently arrived, I suppose we were quite lucky as more often than not it's usually before they've even turned two that they start.
 Daisie's at that stage were you daren't say the word no or it's a fall to the floor kicking and screaming situation, Bed times a great game of musical beds to play jumping into her sisters bed as she's trying to sleep, she's worked out how to open the bedroom stair gate so she likes to come down and let us know how proud she is that she done it, If she asks for a drink/food it has to be her way and immediately if you've altered it in anyway or ran out of her favourite juice/snack your going to know about it, take something off her shes not meant to have is a throw whatever is near by and then herself to the floor, If she wants it she MUST have it even if her sister had it first

Writing this I realized she might sound like a really spoilt little moo but trust me she is told no
and the naughty step is being introduced now that she understands what its all about


  1. I completely sympathize with you hun! Reading through this blog post, through EVERY single thing you mentioned above, I was literally nodding saying "yup that's lacey-beth" , lol! .. The joys of terrible two's eh? .. I can already tell im going to be grey before next year lol. xxx

    1. Lol, I started to think once I'd read it back that she may be quite the spoilt little moo, it seems so long ago Issy had the terrible two's she now has the 5 going on 15 attitude, so glad I'm not alone and it is the terrible two's, All part of the fun ay :) xx