Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Christmas scents

christmas scents

Of course it's filled with Yankee candles ;) But a air freshener alternative which I love is spiced apple by Glades it smells delicious last year you could get them in packs of 2, I was originally naming this winter scents but as they are all from the Christmas section Christmas scents seemed a more fitting name. I'd love a small or medium Jar of one or two of the scents but most I'd be happy with a votive as I'm starting to get quite a collection and I'm still no where near the bottom of my medium Jar I got earlier on in the year, I didn't want to light it and ruin it (I only ever burn tealights and keep all pretty ones unlit) but Andy wanted me to light it so it was lit.


  1. I love Candles I have like 4 candles of Bath & Body Works But I will like to try those Yankee ones.

    I just follow your blog can we follow each other?


    1. I keep seeing Bath & Body works popping up lately I must check them out.

      Thank you so much for the follow, I'll head over to yours and follow now :) x