Sunday, 10 November 2013

Peppa pig - Multivitamins

I spotted these in asda for £1.5O and they seemed perfect for getting some vitamins into Daisie with her being a peppa pig fanatic and them looking just like packets of sweets.
Each box contains 7 sachets and each sachet has 3 peppa pig heads in and have come in a variety of flavours Apple,Blackcurrant,Orange & Strawberry
each sachet has VITAMINS A,B,C,D & E

You can also get Multivitamins Gummy George pigs, Vitamin C gummy peppa pigs & Calcium + Vitamin D gummy peppa pigs.

So far so good Daisie thinks they are sweets and always asks for another pack, Issy how ever heard they were vitamins had a pack and wasn't keen so I'll be seeing what else I can get for her and will be keeping the vitamin part secret, I'll definitely be stocking up one these on my next food shop


  1. I bought gummy vitamins for Keira but she didn't like the texture of them. Logan would probably like them though so may give it a go with him. I was advised to give her Omega 3 medicine for her concentration. She didn't like that either so I ended up letting it slide but I may start it again. I think it's orange flavour. =) x x x

    1. Daisie asks for more she hasn't noticed any difference between these and sweets :) Issy isn't to keen on orange flavour she asks for the juice but won't drink it, I may have to give that a go we have her first appointment of starting the whole ADHD diagnosis next week x

    2. I've ordered them with my shopping for Logan. =)
      The stuff for concentration is called Haliborange. I think the Omega 3 may only come in orange flavour but they do have other things. I don't know if they do the same thing but they have strawberry, orange and black current flavour sweets.
      Good luck for next week. I hope the whole process doesn't take too long. x x x

    3. I need to grab some more Daisie's on her last 2 packets, Let me know what he thinks of them :)
      Thank you I'll have a look for some, Thank you will let you know how we get on :) x