Friday, 22 November 2013

We've been to see santa

Last night me, the girls & one of my good friends Tasha went to see Santa in his grotto, all courtesy of my wonderful friend she paid for us to go as a treat for the girls (what lucky girls we are). 
Before entering Sanats grotto each child was given a Grotto passport with 3 different things to complete to collect a stamp and the very last thing was to get a sticker from santa (pictured below)
The first task at Santas grotto the girls had to do some singing before entering (the reindeer pokey, I'll post the lyrics further down) And Santa's elf said they had to help save Christmas because some pesky rats had chewed open all the presents Santa had just finished wrapping, So once they go through the doors to the beginning of Santas grotto they had to snowball the pesky rats. 

Once the rats had been snowballed they got to go through another step of the grotto and got to decorate their own Christmas decorations.

 After the Christmas decorations had been finished it was time to head through to Santa's kitchen to make some magic reindeer food to help the reindeer's know where to stop.
Once The magic Reindeer food was finished it was time to head through to Santa but he had fallen asleep, so they had to shout to wake him up, Once he was awake they got to chat with Santa then it was time to clap 2 times and the presents for each child came down the chimney. After they had all received their presents it was time to tell Santa what they would like for Christmas and had a chance to have a photo with him, Daisie wasn't interested in getting in a photo or talking to Santa because silly me forgot her cuppy, she was super tired and just wanted to strip Santas Christmas tree so we only managed to get a picture of Issy with him.

Us adults also got a little present we each got a Christmas tree to grow, Each child had to go and get one and take it over to whoever had taken them to see Santa, Issy grabbed one but I told her to give it to Tasha as she had paid for the whole thing, Shortly after Daisie followed all the others grabbed her one and brought it over to me saying thank you :') I could have burst into tears of pride she seemed so grown up and apart from Daisie running off every now and then the girls were so well behaved.

Reindeer Pokey Lyrics 
I loved this so I can imagine your little ones would love it too :)
 (to the tune of the hokey cockey!)

You put your antlers in,
You put your antlers out,
You put your antlers in,
And you shake them all about.
You do the reindeer pokey,
And you turn yourself around,
That's what its all about!

Whoooaa the reindeer pokey,
whoooaa the reindeer pokey,
whoooaa the reindeer pokey,
hooves in, tails out


  1. That sounds like the best grotto ever! Beats the normal standing in line for ages to get literally a minute with Santa at the end. x x x

    1. It was amazing!! It didn't look all that from the outside but it was great once you got in :) I didn't expect half the stuff the girls got to do and we only expected to be there for 15 minutes or so but we was there for around an hour or so once we had done everything in the passport, They have real reindeer's but it was so dark and cold (Daisie just wanted her bed too) that we didn't go and see them, Me & Andy plan to take the girls during the day soon to see them tho x