Sunday, 1 December 2013

Cheap and cheerful christmas decorations

I'm a huge poundland & 99p store lover!
You'll find me in there everyday once I've dropped Issy to school hunting for some new bargains
I've found some real amazing Christmas decorations this year many if I'd have come across them on instagram the last place I would have thought they came from would be poundland/99p store.
I've come across them on eBay going for a lot more than £1/99p
I'm going for a shabby chic theme this Christmas
I also have a felt bunting that I didn't managed to get a picture of as I took it off my wall to move it and it's got tangled but I'll untangle it soon and get a picture

The reindeer is covered in iridescent glitter with red bells - 99p store
The stars came in a pack of two - poundland
pack of 1O bells - pounland
felt bunting - poundland
card bunting - poundland
and the pack of three decorations both came from poundland

I aim to get back over to the 99p store asap as they had gorgeous stuff in but I went over for Halloween decorations so couldn't go as crazy with the Christmas stuff as I wanted  


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