Friday, 13 December 2013

Christmas eve bags

This was abit of a last minute idea after seeing so many of them around on blogs & instagram 
I thought it was such a great idea and amazed I never thought of it before
and I forgot I had bought some disney princess christmas bags last year so they 
were going spare this year, The girls go to my friends on christmas eve to open their presents 
(very lucky girls they get 3 Christmas' in total)
So once they get home they will get to dive into their Christmas eve bags :)

 In their bag they will have
- Jarmies
- Large chocolate coin
- Book 
- Hot chocolate sachet with marshmellows & a candy cane
- A mug 
- Fluffy socks/slippers 
- A christmas teddy 
- Their christmas plates ready to take to nanny & grandads to have their dinner on
- a bathbomb 

A dvd for us to watch together if they aren't home to late once they've had their Christmas with their Aunties.


  1. I have a post almost the same as this waiting to go on my blog! Hahaha! I was just waiting on some stuff arriving so I can take pictures! It's a great idea! x x x

    1. I need to grab a picture once I've got everything together, Issy's books on its way and the book I got Daisie isn't as child like as I thought :( I thought it had pictures but it doesn't, I usually give them PJ's but this idea is a whole lot more fun :) x