Friday, 6 December 2013

D.I.Y christmas count down blackboard

As you may have guessed by now I like to give things ago if I can, If it's crafty and doable
 myself I'm right there with my mits tucked into it. 
This craft is a D.I.Y Christmas count down blackboard for the girls 

You'll need
MDF chritmas shape (I went for a reindeer)
Black board paint (I used the spray paint kind you can get a tin)
 Glitter optional
 Ribbon for his collar again totally optional 
PVA  glue

I purchased my MDF shape & black board spray paint from eBay
My string & glitter are from  Wilko's

My string has gone walkies so I can't hang this little guy up yet but as soon as I've found it and his set up in his place I''ll grab a picture of him in action :)


  1. I'm loving your craft posts! This is such an awesome idea, this is another craft idea I'll be stealing from you!

    Thanks for linking up to #throwbackthursday linky!

    1. Thank you :) Hope you have lots of fun doing it, I'll keep my eyes peeled for some snaps of your one :) x