Saturday, 14 December 2013

My fave places to shop this christmas

I've got myself loads of bargains this Christmas, so I thought I'd share some of them 
with my lovely blog readers.


I managed to get a barbie mariposa doll  £14.99 
baby born interactive doll  £26.99
baby born I can swim £19.99

i'll be ordering a few more bits from here this week

2 - The Entertainer 
Lalaloopsy silly hair £19.99
Lala-oopsie little mermaid doll £1O
Mini lala-oopsie mermaid dolls £3 each 

3 - Superdrug
I popped into superdrug the other day just to have a peek and was amazed by the bargains, I left with a bag full. Many items I got mainly bath and body wash sets were £2 & £3
Needless to say I'm heading back there this week for some more.

4 - Wilkinsons
I grabbed a few perfect bargains in wilkinsons this year 
I got a rocking crib - £13
metal shopping trolley £15
wooden sandwich set £7

5 - Asda 
Wooden farm set £2O
wooden cake stand and cakes £9
deluxe set of dolls clothes £6

 6- Ebay 
We can't go leaving ebay out now can we, Ebay has many bargains hiding.

7 - Studio catalogue
Fluffy go walkies £19.99
Washing line set £5.99
Wooden tea set £8.99

Places I'm yet to have a splurge in 
Disney store, ELC and another shop with Smyths & the entertainer 

I will update this post with pictures of my bargain items once I get enough time to dig them all out without the girls catching me :)


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