Monday, 23 December 2013

Review - Luxury lush pud

I purchased a few of the LUSH Christmas items and have been very disappointed with them
they left my bath a sticky/slimy feel and it was a nightmare to get rid of, My girls had the others in their bath and their bath toys have been left the same way so they'll need to be left in some scalding water and scrubbed :(
This bath bomb is one of the most amazing ones I've tried, I'll certainly be stocking up on these if I see any in the sale and will be buying some next year too.
The smell is just perfect not to over powering but enough to notice, The colours are gorgeous and it leaves the bath a lovely purple colour it was like sitting in a jelly mixture.
I couldn't capture the true colour but if Icould bottle it up and display it I would.
After my bath i settled on the sofa to watch hollyoaks and i was just instantly relaxed and fell asleep which resulted in missing hollyoaks I only woke up because Andy called my name while being right near my face making me jump.
After checking the ingredients I realized it had lavender oil in, No wonder I was snoozing within 1O minutes of getting out of my bath.


  1. Keira used one of my Puds. I've not tried it yet but she loved it! The colour it leaves the water is amazing! x x x

    1. I so need to grab some for the girls for next year deffo a fave of mine, the colour it leaves the bath is gorgeous and no slimy/oily feel left yayy!!! x