Thursday, 30 January 2014

Primark Haul

Yesterday I went for a small shopping trip, Of course Primark was on my hit list and was were I spent most money and of course it goes without saying there is soo much I wish I had bought while there! 
But having to get the train with a buggy & my friend had 3 large primark bags herself me with me two, I really couldn't be bothered to lug it all back as primark is the oposite end to the train station :( 
Roll on driving!!! 

Alot of my items were from the sale 
Dress - £3
Disco pants -£3
Hanging wicker hearts £1
Large ring - £1
Boots £3
 Everything else was pretty much bargain price too. 
I got two of the cat bottles but my eldest used her's last night and some baby bits for my sister in-law

I also stocked up on some underwear as my darling dog likes to eat mine but as they are just plain boring ones I didn't feel the need to add a picture of them. 

In total I spent  £73 something (I'll update when i hunt down my receipt)

If there's anything you'd like a price on or a closer look at please do leave me a comment and I'll get back to you :) 

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

If only I had a B&M store local

If only i had a B&M store local

Monday, 27 January 2014

MUA/Superdrug haul

This was supposed to be a superdrug haul but a fair amount of my items are MUA products.

I purchased
MUA matte perfect foundation in Fair
MUA pressed powder in shade 1 (mainly because it was £1)
MUA BB all in one beauty balm in Light
MUA in shade 15 Juicy
Baby lips in mint fresh (mainly because my fave colour is green)
Collection Longer lash 
Collection pressed powder in Translucent
Yoghurt smoothie mask & a Chocolate orange self heating mask
Superdrug face wipes in cucumber (again mainly because my favourite colour)

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Dunelm Mill Wishlist

Untitled #17

Yeah another wishlist, I do an awful lot of wishing uh?
Here's a small collection of bits I'd love from dunelm mill there would be no way I could fit everything I wanted on the polyvore box!
Any got an inkling that I love simple little wall hangings?
I'm redecorating my bathroom (keeping the colours but changing the decor)
And I just can't get enough of wicker hearts they drive Andy mad I have them going up my stairs, in the living room and I plan for more to be hung on my art banner of the girls art work. 
I just can't get enough :)

Thursday, 23 January 2014

BARGAIN of the week

 I quite often get stuck on what I should post on my blog without posts becoming pointless 
and being made just so I've blogged about something that week, So I'm going to start doing a weekly/monthly post on my bargain of the week/month depending when I get myself a good bargain :) 

This weeks bargain has to be my Topshop bag (although I received it last week) 
I did expect it to be double the size it is but I'm totally in love with it :)
even more so that this little beauty only cost me £9.99 + £2.99 delivery 
BRAND NEW just has its label cut to stop any store returns 
You can still get this beauty here and it's now been put down to £8.99!!! 

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Beauty Wishlist

Beauty Wishlist

It's been awhile since I done a wishlist and with Valentines coming up 
Andy might just pop by my blog ;)

Daisy by marc jacobs has been on my list for what seems like forever now, I've never actually smelt it I'm just so in love with the bottle lid and having a little girl called Daisie just adds to the desperate need
to have that beautiful bottle in my life. I've never asked for it or bought it yet 
because the hefty price tag that comes with it but while hunting for a picture of it I also came
across that great gift set (3rd picture) which is not only packaged beautifully the price tag is  beautiful too at just £24.5O!!
I've seen baby lips & skin all over the place and tbh the main thing that has sold these to me is the packaging
I love it and it will spruce up my make-up great!

This christmas I got my first ever soap and glory product and LOVE it.
So of course I hunted online for what else I could get my hands on, My skin is a total nightmare lately 
so I'm always on the hunt for something to help me clear it and DR spot had fantastic reviews so I'm dying to get my hands on it.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Creating a craft cupboard

Crafty Cupboard

I have an under stair cupboard that has always been filled to the brim with total crap
(out of sight out of mind and all that)
BUT I'm sick of it! and with the girls getting to an age were they can enjoy getting 
involved with all sorts of crafty fun.
I'm turning it into a crafts cupboard for them and me :)
This way I won't be greeted to Daisie squirting paint all over the house while I quickly nipped to the toilet because she's discovered where I store it and have no other place to, glitter eveyrwhere and my walls covered in pen.
AND whenever I need a pen and some scissors I can turn to my cupboard YAYYY!!
We own so many pairs of scissors but can never find them the same goes for pens but alot of those get eaten by the dog -_-

Above is a little selection of what I plan to put up on the walls in there to store the girls pens,pencils,chalks,crayons,glue sticks,paint brushes etc etc....
All of the above can be purchased from IKEA super cheap but as I don't have an IKEA near me and don't drive I'm having to buy them off ebay of course with added £'s to the price IKEA have them priced at.
I also have 2 sets of plastic drawers that will be going in there to store big PVA glues,paper,card and all the bigger items

Friday, 10 January 2014

D.I.Y Hair clip holder

You'll need
- Glitter
- MDF letter
- Ribbon
- Picture hook

I used PVA glue on mine but you can use another kind of glue, I covered my letters in glue and sprinkled the glitter over.
You'll find that the glitter will stick great in some places and really gappy in others
but of course when you add more glue you will pull some off while you do it
so it takes some patience getting it together nicely.

I need to order my glue gun before I can attach my ribbons I wasn't doing these until I had everything but my ribbon arrived this morning and I just couldn't help but get stuck in tonight :)
Each of my items cost me next to nothing from ebay.
God I love ebay!!! 

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Issy's turning six

The 12th is fast approaching and my little lady isn't about to let me forget her birthday is in 4 weeks :') 
even the count down to Christmas it was always weeks never days, If only it was weeks I'd be a lot less stressed.
Being 5 going on 16 she's like a proper little lady we'll be going on a little shopping trip but not
until we've stopped off at the nail bar to have our nails done because no shopping trip
is worth doing without a set of killer nails.

On the saturday we'll be having a little party 
with party games and some nail painting for the girls, I did plan to stock up on some snazaroo face paints
that I could put away for each year but it soon shot round and I ran out of time :(

Monday, 6 January 2014

I'm the kind of mum...

- That when you go to soft play you'll come across that one pair of adult shoes
because I'm on the soft play having more fun then the girls are

- That will make a total fool of herself if it makes her girls laugh

- That has the mumsie dancing down to a tee so much so that my eldest sits there giving me really dirty looks, won't dance with me and pretends I'm not with her :')

- That will wear last years fashion and only ever buy herself something if it's a right bargain
but will pay whatever cost for the girls & Andy

- That will starve to afford christmas & birthday presents

- That will throw a party every year for the girls birthdays or do something special with them

- That barely wears make-up and chucks her hair up in a messy bun (that's to change tho)

- That loves making crafty fun out of something as simple as a loo roll tube

- That stops having her little luxuries like my acrylic nails when it nears to christmas & birthdays

- That will forever be focusing on and getting upset over things I could have done better rather than what I done well and right

- That will sell her soul to be able to afford presents and things for my girls

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New year goals

1 - Pass my driving test
2 - Do more as a family even if it's a 1O minute stop at a park and not waste our days sitting in doors 
3 - Tone up abit
4 - Treat myself abit more (sound so selfish)
5 - Not be so hard on myself and focus on what I do right rather than wrong all the time
6 - I say it every year but take more care of my appearance again and be more stylish
(I usually look outside and say sod it I'm wearing whats warm and chuck my hair in a messy bun)
7 - Make the house more homely and not so big yellow storage like
8 - Learn how to do french plaits
9 - Bake lots
1O - Save up for a holiday to Disney land