Sunday, 19 January 2014

Beauty Wishlist

Beauty Wishlist

It's been awhile since I done a wishlist and with Valentines coming up 
Andy might just pop by my blog ;)

Daisy by marc jacobs has been on my list for what seems like forever now, I've never actually smelt it I'm just so in love with the bottle lid and having a little girl called Daisie just adds to the desperate need
to have that beautiful bottle in my life. I've never asked for it or bought it yet 
because the hefty price tag that comes with it but while hunting for a picture of it I also came
across that great gift set (3rd picture) which is not only packaged beautifully the price tag is  beautiful too at just £24.5O!!
I've seen baby lips & skin all over the place and tbh the main thing that has sold these to me is the packaging
I love it and it will spruce up my make-up great!

This christmas I got my first ever soap and glory product and LOVE it.
So of course I hunted online for what else I could get my hands on, My skin is a total nightmare lately 
so I'm always on the hunt for something to help me clear it and DR spot had fantastic reviews so I'm dying to get my hands on it.


  1. I love Daisy! It's my go to, everyday, perfume. It's lovely! =) x x x

    1. I'm taking Issy out for her birthday shopping, Going to make sure I get my hands on it to have a smell then flutter my eyelashes for the set when it eventually comes into stock (I'm not sure if they are waiting for it to be nearer to valentines day or if it's an old set) x