Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Creating a craft cupboard

Crafty Cupboard

I have an under stair cupboard that has always been filled to the brim with total crap
(out of sight out of mind and all that)
BUT I'm sick of it! and with the girls getting to an age were they can enjoy getting 
involved with all sorts of crafty fun.
I'm turning it into a crafts cupboard for them and me :)
This way I won't be greeted to Daisie squirting paint all over the house while I quickly nipped to the toilet because she's discovered where I store it and have no other place to, glitter eveyrwhere and my walls covered in pen.
AND whenever I need a pen and some scissors I can turn to my cupboard YAYYY!!
We own so many pairs of scissors but can never find them the same goes for pens but alot of those get eaten by the dog -_-

Above is a little selection of what I plan to put up on the walls in there to store the girls pens,pencils,chalks,crayons,glue sticks,paint brushes etc etc....
All of the above can be purchased from IKEA super cheap but as I don't have an IKEA near me and don't drive I'm having to buy them off ebay of course with added £'s to the price IKEA have them priced at.
I also have 2 sets of plastic drawers that will be going in there to store big PVA glues,paper,card and all the bigger items


  1. How much does the Ikea delivery cost for you? It's £9 for me. But the way it works out I'm as well paying the £9 and getting it from Ikea rather than eBay. It's an extra £4 for the hooks I want on eBay, an extra £4 per wall storage box, and an extra £3 per net hanging storage thing. So, it works out at an extra £26 for the items on eBay! I'd rather pay the £9 delivery!
    I love the idea of a craft cupboard. That's what I'd do if my house wasn't so over run with toys. x x x

  2. Very good thinking!! I've just checked online and they only have a save to list option no add to basket with these items :( I think it's £9 for the smaller items for me too and then £3O for the bigger items, All these bits are sold by the same seller on ebay and it comes to £19.72 without the multiple items delivery discount I still want some craft stuff from IKEA so i really must get over there, feel so hard done by 22 and never been :( lmao x