Friday, 10 January 2014

D.I.Y Hair clip holder

You'll need
- Glitter
- MDF letter
- Ribbon
- Picture hook

I used PVA glue on mine but you can use another kind of glue, I covered my letters in glue and sprinkled the glitter over.
You'll find that the glitter will stick great in some places and really gappy in others
but of course when you add more glue you will pull some off while you do it
so it takes some patience getting it together nicely.

I need to order my glue gun before I can attach my ribbons I wasn't doing these until I had everything but my ribbon arrived this morning and I just couldn't help but get stuck in tonight :)
Each of my items cost me next to nothing from ebay.
God I love ebay!!! 


  1. I need to do this for my girls (still feels weird saying girls!). I'm trying to get back into making hair accessories. I ordered a bundle of plain alice bands ready to customise. I need to shake my craft laziness! x x x

    1. It's really easy,quick & cheap to do :) can't wait to get them up Daisie loves emptying the hairband/hairclip box everyday i have to pick them up for them to be thrown everywhere again (no matter where i put them she finds a way of climbing to get them -_-) I tend to start a project and get bored half way through lol x