Monday, 6 January 2014

I'm the kind of mum...

- That when you go to soft play you'll come across that one pair of adult shoes
because I'm on the soft play having more fun then the girls are

- That will make a total fool of herself if it makes her girls laugh

- That has the mumsie dancing down to a tee so much so that my eldest sits there giving me really dirty looks, won't dance with me and pretends I'm not with her :')

- That will wear last years fashion and only ever buy herself something if it's a right bargain
but will pay whatever cost for the girls & Andy

- That will starve to afford christmas & birthday presents

- That will throw a party every year for the girls birthdays or do something special with them

- That barely wears make-up and chucks her hair up in a messy bun (that's to change tho)

- That loves making crafty fun out of something as simple as a loo roll tube

- That stops having her little luxuries like my acrylic nails when it nears to christmas & birthdays

- That will forever be focusing on and getting upset over things I could have done better rather than what I done well and right

- That will sell her soul to be able to afford presents and things for my girls


  1. You're not alone! I'm going around with t-shirts and knickers with holes in them yet Keira has 3 or 4 brand new pairs of boots. And I feel bad because Logan only got 2 new pairs. So now I owe him some new footwear! My kids won't want for anything!

    1. I have 4 or so pairs on knickers because bear keeps eating the crutches of them when she manages to get hold of them, I go to the underwear section of asda every time I'm there but never buy anything because i know i can get cheaper in primark lol, Issy never likes ANYTHING i buy her even if she's said yeah she likes it when it arrives she hates it :/ I'm the same if i buy for Daisie and not Issy i feel bad and have to buy the same amount for them both :') x