Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New year goals

1 - Pass my driving test
2 - Do more as a family even if it's a 1O minute stop at a park and not waste our days sitting in doors 
3 - Tone up abit
4 - Treat myself abit more (sound so selfish)
5 - Not be so hard on myself and focus on what I do right rather than wrong all the time
6 - I say it every year but take more care of my appearance again and be more stylish
(I usually look outside and say sod it I'm wearing whats warm and chuck my hair in a messy bun)
7 - Make the house more homely and not so big yellow storage like
8 - Learn how to do french plaits
9 - Bake lots
1O - Save up for a holiday to Disney land


  1. I love your blog