Thursday, 30 January 2014

Primark Haul

Yesterday I went for a small shopping trip, Of course Primark was on my hit list and was were I spent most money and of course it goes without saying there is soo much I wish I had bought while there! 
But having to get the train with a buggy & my friend had 3 large primark bags herself me with me two, I really couldn't be bothered to lug it all back as primark is the oposite end to the train station :( 
Roll on driving!!! 

Alot of my items were from the sale 
Dress - £3
Disco pants -£3
Hanging wicker hearts £1
Large ring - £1
Boots £3
 Everything else was pretty much bargain price too. 
I got two of the cat bottles but my eldest used her's last night and some baby bits for my sister in-law

I also stocked up on some underwear as my darling dog likes to eat mine but as they are just plain boring ones I didn't feel the need to add a picture of them. 

In total I spent  £73 something (I'll update when i hunt down my receipt)

If there's anything you'd like a price on or a closer look at please do leave me a comment and I'll get back to you :) 


  1. Lovely haul! Love those boots and the purse. xxx
    The Jolly Fashionista

    1. I'm really gutted i didn't pick up a pair of the black or navy :( They are sooo comfy x

  2. Is that flowers for wearing around a bun? I've been going to order them from eBay for Keira but if I can get them in Primark I'd just do that instead! x x x

    1. Yeah :) I have a pink roses one I bought awhile ago that she's never worn they both cost £1.5O each, I'll whatsapp you a closer picture :) x