Sunday, 26 January 2014

Dunelm Mill Wishlist

Untitled #17

Yeah another wishlist, I do an awful lot of wishing uh?
Here's a small collection of bits I'd love from dunelm mill there would be no way I could fit everything I wanted on the polyvore box!
Any got an inkling that I love simple little wall hangings?
I'm redecorating my bathroom (keeping the colours but changing the decor)
And I just can't get enough of wicker hearts they drive Andy mad I have them going up my stairs, in the living room and I plan for more to be hung on my art banner of the girls art work. 
I just can't get enough :)


  1. I'm obsessed with wicker hearts too. Lmao! I haven't even bought any yet but I keep picking them up and putting them back when we're out. I saw a really cute heart made of tiny white bells too. I'm scared in case it jingles when ever I walk past it though because it'd drive me nuts! x x x

  2. They make the perfect little finishing touch :) Primark have some in when i last went was quite awhile ago tho, Ebay have great ones i have one that has no centre and a bow on it to hold my voile curtain gathered in the window and another with no centre with a smaller one hanging inside from ebay, Dunelm used to do pink ones but i can't seem to find them anymore :( I love the bell ones x