Monday, 24 February 2014

Daisie's 3rd birthday plans

As ever I'm a super organized mumma that is planning Daisie's 3rd birthday party!
Her birthday isn't until July but every year I plan the girls birthday's months ahead and still end up a walking ball of stress because I've ran out of time to get things be it decorations,party food,presents or celotape.
Anyway to the point...
This year I planned to book a build a bear party for her but after our first visit there the other week I wasn't to impressed with the range of teddys you get on the budget I had set 
I don't know if it's just my local one but there's was 2 teddies to choose from they were the same just a different colour.
But that being the cheapest option was still going to cost me 1OO not including a trip for something to eat afterwards and tbh the girls visit lasted no more than 5 minutes, I was leaving it down to the parents to add extras like a voice,t-shirt and some accesories because at this moment in time and with her only being 3 1OO is a alot to pay out not to mention our train fares to get there, extras for my girls bears and then food afterwards for the party guests.
It would be crippling, I'm thinking once she's older may be a better idea :)

It's a crafty tea party 
being July the weather is usually pretty nice so I'm setting up a crafts table in the garden for the kids to go crazy with, the BBQ will be on for the adults and a little tea party will be set up inside with ice cream and a whole selection of toppings.
I also plan to take her to London aquarium or zoo for the day on her actual birthday


  1. I'd thought about a Build A Bear party for Keira but I didn't know the bear selection was so limited. =\ x x x

    1. There's more choice the more you pay, the £9 is only for a bear but from there it's £16.5O and more depending on what sort of package you'd like but there is a minimum of 6 children per party so it ends up costly even for the minimum :/ the £9 package was costing me £1OO by the time I'd invited people and that's only really family (my nieces & nephews) it seems to make more sense of allowing that budget and letting the girls go crazy on accessories or something for their bears instead and having a little tea party for the guests to enjoy xxx

  2. What a cutie!! We've always loved themed parties!