Friday, 21 February 2014

Haul - ELC paints

I'm either a very brave mummy or a very silly one buying this lot, After my living room and dog being painted blue the other morning my little Daisie works so quickly & quietly it's scary. 
Within in seconds she could have the whole living room turned upside down without you hearing a thing even tho your only a few foot away in the kitchen (We have a latch from the kitchen to the living room)

Anyway a few posts down you'll find my creating a craft cupboard post, ELC had their 2O% off arts and crafts offer and I just couldn't help myself with the paints down to 8Op I just had to buy them all, a few were out of stock :( 

I will get clearer photos with my camera when I get a chance, One of them glows in the dark and it looks AMAZING put it into a little bit of darkness and it's glowing away!
This little lot cost me a total of £14.75 including delivery :) 

A very nice start to our crafts cupboard  I'd say


  1. I'd say you're a brave mummy! Make sure they're kept on a high shelf! Hahah! x x x

    1. She's already attempted to squeeze them on the floor but they are sealed thank god! they are going in the craft cupboard asap :) x