Sunday, 16 February 2014

Mini kids haul

Today we had a totally unexpected trip to bromley, I said I wouldn't shop at all as we was only going for the soft play and a mc'donalds for the girls.
BUT come on now it's like tying a dog outside a butchers and not coming out with a treat for him/her with me when it comes to shopping.
Of course I was just nipping in for a quick look round but each shop I went in I came out with some bargains 
(I only went into 2 I didn't want to walk out of the others crying over the bargains I'd be missing)
Anyway enough of my nagging here's what I got :)

High tops - £7.99 down from £25.99
Jeggings - £2.99 down from £9.99
Black leggings with a leather look stripe down the sides - £2.99 down from £7.99
Brown leggings £2.99 down from £7.99

Over all saving of £35!!
These were my FIRST ever zara purchases so I'm really chuffed with my saving.

White footless tights £1 NO TAG so I don't know the original price of those
2x Tiger jumper - £4 each down from £7.99
2x Cat t-shirt - £2.99

Only the tights & Jumpers were in the sale.

The floral leggings and navy leggings I grabbed the other week but thought I'd include them 
both of those came from ASDA and were £3 each :)

Please excuse the unsightly blue mark and mucky looking stain on my rug, Daisie painted my living room blue the other morning and the other unsightly mark is from my friend dropping hair dye on it :( 
On the hunt for a new rug!


  1. I love those high tops! I need to have a trip into Zara sometime soon. It's so far away though =\

  2. I now have the fight of getting Issy to wear them -_- she made the excuse they don't fit when I got her to try them on which I know isn't true as they are a size up lol, Mines a bus or train ride away costing £5+ to get there, so can't wait to drive, I fell in love with some bits online but they sold out so quickly x