Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Poundland Treasures

Poundland is my favourite place to stop off at before heading home after the school run.
It's full of so many hidden treasures!!
I buy alot of brand name cleaning products from there but no one want's to see that do they!
So here's a small amount of the treasures I've bought recently.

I have 2 of the tangle attack brushes but as they are they the girls the pink has already gone to the land of no return. I will be doing a closer review of these brushes.
The chuppa chup candles were my fave scents out of the many scents they had in stock, they also had love hearts ones too.
You can never have enough hair donuts either eh?
After a friend made a donut bun using just my hair (no way in hell could I do it myself)
she said the medium size they had for sale would be perfect for my hair length, I'd never have thought my hair was long enough for a donut so big.
The shampoo and detangler smells so nice I just had to grab it, the girls don't even need any of either but for £1 they sure as hell were coming home with me!


  1. I need to get a bigger sized doughnut for Keira's hair, so good to know that Poundland have them! Will have to go in soon. x x x

    1. They had quite a collection in my local one, packs of two of the smaller ones and even bigger ones then the one i bought :) x