Monday, 31 March 2014

Pandora Charm Wishlist

Pandora Charm Wishlist

Just after christmas my brother gave me my sister in-laws old pandora bracelet
and I've been entering raffles on the 'little addicts raffles' page on facebook 
and won 2 charms so far at £3 something each time, Needless to say I'm now addicted to filling 
my bracelet with gorgeous new charms.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

My mothers day

This mothers day we didn't do alot as it came round so quickly as always,
One minute I had ages to grab our mums presents in for their baskets the next it was this weekend.
Issy went to her dads to see her aunty and her cousins as it was her cousins birthday and as we didn't have anything special planned I didn't want her to miss out.
Although after I'd agreed for it to be okay for her to go it hit me that I would barely see my little lady on mothers day but she had a wonderful day :)
I didn't get to dive into my presents until afternoon as my partner wanted to go out and grab something else so I was ordered to bed while he took Daisie out to go and grab my extra present.
 (I managed to hurt my back sorting the girls bedroom something I was told of for doing, a bad back with a cough really isn't the greatest combo)
So I spent alot of my day sleeping while I had the chance to but as soon as they arrived home I called Daisie and she came wondering in with some gorgeous tulips and then it was downstairs to carry on with the day.
I could see something through a bag that was left at the bottom of the stairs and in it was the gorgeous pillow from my mum and the girls.

I've seen a few posts around facebook of how awful peoples mothers day were as wonderful as it is to get gifts, isn't it also wonderful to wake up to your happy & healthy children?
Some mothers didn't get to hold their children this mothers day and some children didn't get to hold their mums this year. No gift could ever beat your childrens/mothers arms around you!

What did you get up to this mothers day?

Friday, 28 March 2014

Mothers Day Baskets

With mothers day vastly approaching I thought I'd share what I got my mum & my mother in-law.
The baskets idea was a last minute idea and I had so many more ideas for my mother in-law's basket 
I just didn't get over to the shops I needed to in time so she will be receiving those gifts at a later date and just for being so great.

In the baskets I put

 Mother in-laws 
- a photo frame with a picture of Andy & the girls (the only thing she asked for)
- a head wrap towel
- a tinned candle finished off with a bow around the jar
- worlds greatest grandma mug (she hates being called nan)
- a galaxy CAFE ready to heat hot chocolate complete with marshmallows
- body lotion
- a big tray of ferrero rocher
all placed in a wicker basket she can put whatever she wishes in once it's empty

It's amazing how tricky it becomes to buy for someone when they aren't allowed baths
all the lovely bath sets go out of the window as does bath bombs/crystals etc

My mums
- Lindt lindo limited edition strawberries and cream
- Insect  hotel
- 2x gardening gloves
- bird seed
- bird fat balls
- sunflower seed & mixed seed net
- Lavendar candle 
- cake and scraps bird feeder 
- 2x cute little flowers in a tea cup and watering can 
(which already aren't looking to healthy after being in my care a few days oopps)
she is going to go nuts at me for buying them she freaked out at the £2.5O price tag when I showed her and asked what one she'd prefer so I went back and got them when she wasn't with me
and it's all placed in a hanging basket for her garden.

My mum is finally able to enjoy and find peace in her garden again.
My mums birthday is also on 1st April 

What did you get your mum this year? If your a mum yourself what did you ask for?

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Mini Haul

Everything in this post wasn't bought in one day but has been bought or arrived this week! 
There's a few things missing from my recent buys as they came at the beginning of the week they've now entered the house of no return.
I'm sure the lazy day PJ bottoms are meant to be baggy and then tight when it gets to the cuff at the bottom like tracksuit bottoms but the size I got them in looks like leggings/long johns :/ But I know a size up will be way to big 
I honestly don't know why I bought the jewellery as I never wear them but for £1 I wasn't leaving them behind just to sulk that they were no longer in when I decided I did actually want them.
2 pack underwear - £2.5O
Lazy Day PJ bottoms - £6
Bikini - £3 a piece

Cath kids bag
Cat ear bowler hat - £3.45
Chiffon top - £2.51
White quilted top from primark but i couldn't find any in store and I NEEDED it eBay was the place to go.

Ring - £1 each 
Earrings - £1 each 
MUA matte lipstick - £1
MUA lipstick - £1
MUA Undress your skin - on offer for £3 instead of £5
Olay face wash, conditioning milk & toner - Will grab prices in a sec the girls are sleeping and I don't want to disturb them.

Monday, 24 March 2014

George Wishlist

George Wishlist

Floral and polka dot galore? 
I didn't realize how much floral's I've fallen in love with until I opened up my polyvore.
 Everything here can be found over on the George section of the ASDA website

Issy's Favourites

Issy has the cartoon HD app on her tablet so her favourite tends to vary depending on what she's been watching on that but lately it's the croods.

Issy will honestly eat anything and everything ever since she was able to ask she would ask for just as slice of bread or buttered bread and she still to this day given a choice will often opt for just a slice of bread, She's been caught a few times munching into the dogs biscuits :|

Issy will tend to throw on whatever falls out of her wardrobe/drawer I'm currently battling with her to wear any pair of shoes other than her hot pink snuggs (I have no idea what possessed me to buy the pink ones) Even when the sun is shining and it's hot outside she will wear those or her wellies and no matter what I say she will not change them.
Again Issy will happily play with all of her toys but when it comes to bed time she has to have her humphy teddy.

Issy gets her groove on to anything that's up beat enough for her to have a good dance to be it country,disney,reggae etc

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Nomakeupselfie/Makeupselfie - Cancer Research

  I have to be honest when I first saw this going on I was one of the ones that thought how the hell is a no make-up selfie raising awareness or money for cancer?
I saw some posters actually donating along with their selfies. 
With my mother in-law diagnosed with bowel cancer last year and recently having to have an operation to remove her bowel because the cancer was to low into her bowel they couldn't just take it away and rejoin the bowel back together and needing more chemo I just had to take part.
For a lot of the people taking part I have never seen without any make-up so I know all though it seems like such a simple silly thing to be doing it takes a lot for some women to bare their face without make-up to the world.

Then there's the brave men getting their make-up on for a selfie
Again a very big thing for some manly men to do but they are doing and donating!
above is my partner with a face full of powder,blush,mascara and lipstick.
There's also another one going round for the men 
c**k in a sock for testicular cancer 

Here's a few of the men in my family getting made up to raise money for cancer research too

Don't they all make such pretty girls :) 

To make a donation with or without posting a no make-up selfie 
Text BEAT to 70099 OR 70007 – Donate £3 UK
Text PINK to 50300 – Donate £4 Ireland

Of course a selfie alone isn't raising awareness alone to check your breasts and how to do it
(some of the selfies I've seen are hash tagged with breast cancer)


Thursday, 20 March 2014

Project girls room re-vamp

Project girls room re-vamp

We finally got the girls room decorated, floor laid and kitted out with furniture a little while a go
but my little destroyer has added her own little touch to the walls and the previous paint wasn't durable so is showing up every finger print and drink splashes which just looks awful.
So as soon as Daisie is out of her paint and decorator stage it's full steam ahead with new wallpaper 
I will be painting the walls with durable paint asap tho!
We just won't be wallpapering until we know for sure she won't go colouring it in or pulling bits offs.

I look at all these gorgeous rooms on my instagram feed with artificial flowers in pretty vases, pictures in pretty frames etc and wonder how the hell do they keep them kept so nice and do they always look that way?
At every chance Daisie gets she will climb the chest of drawers between their beds and strip the shelves above of anything they have on them.
I'm going to attempt the pretty stuff but I plan to put shelves above their beds this time and so high up they can't reach them (hopefully)

I'm undecided on the colour of wallpaper to go for (the rose pictures at the very top left hand corner)
I'm going for cream walls so I'm thinking the pink but quite torn ATM.
I plan to have a lot of pink and floral accessories so it's not so bland and boring

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Summer Shoes

Summer Shoes

Monday, 17 March 2014

Ebay wants - living room edition

Ebay wants - living room

Post inspiration goes to - ohsoamelia 
You can find Kerry's wishlist - here
I'm a total eBay addict and my watch list is forever being added to, I also have an obsession with making it smaller by purchasing things from it ;)
I'm abit of an ebay queen of sorts when you walk into my house and ask me where I got things my answer is quite often eBay!
I've been stuck on what to blog about for awhile now and after seeing Kerry's wishlist it seemed the perfect post to do seeing as my watch list is HUGE.

Do you have anything on your watch list for the home? 

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

LUSH - Fluffy Egg

 'The perfect antidote to overindulgence at Easter. This is Lush's answer to a chocolate Easter egg; a pretty pink, sugary sweet, candy-scented bath bomb. Drop this sweet little egg into warm water for fizzing pink, candy scented fun.'

I was meant to be keeping this bath bomb for the girls to use closer to easter
but when I told the girls to pick a bath bomb from the cake stand and they both chose fluffy egg,
Of course when you have two little cuties smiling away saying please you just can't say no.
This bath bomb was another disappointing one for me personally 
as I said before in my 'LUSH SECRET GARDEN' post
I'm not one for reading what a bathbomb does,what it smells like or what to expect
but with these one I was expecting some kind of surprise inside be it a different colour or some sprinkles 
maybe I'm just to much of  a big kid.
There wasn't alot of fizzing with fluffy egg :(
The colour it turned the bath water to was pretty disappointing too, This one's colour was nothing like the colour think pink turns the water
I guess the bigger egg bath bombs has all the surprises inside so I guess I'll have to purchase those soon.

Overall I think I would purchase this bath bomb again for the girls as an easter treat.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Graze code anyone?

Sunday, 9 March 2014

LUSH - Secret Garden

'Bathe in an oasis of floral fragrance... Once placed in the bath, you'll be treated to a beautiful bouquet, with rose petals, marigold, blue mallow flowers and yellow rose buds.'

I purchased this bathbomb on my last trip to LUSH it was one that Daisie had chose, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it when I looked online at the new mothers day range.
My first initial thought when I placed the bathbomb into my bath was urrgghh, it turned my water a horrible dirty brown/greeny colour and left my bath looking like a giant dirty puddle and it wasn't a bath I couldn't wait to get into unlike other bath bombs I've purchased,
the longer the bathbomb was in the water it turned the water to a more pleasant green, my camera really didn't pick up it's colour all that well each picture I got it still looked a horrible dirty puddle kind of colour
but being a green lover the colour of green it went in the end was really nice.

I'm not one to read what each bath bomb/ballistic does I just tend to go for what looks good and smells gorgeous, so picking up the bath bomb and seeing the yellow centre with flower petals in was a really nice surprise. I couldn't really smell much when using this bath bomb usually it's all you can smell for days after use but this one didn't have much of a noticeable scent to me.

Over all I'm in two minds if I'd ever purchase this bath bomb again

Have your tried lush's secret garden? what did you think?

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Recent Hauls

This haul post consists of a few different shops I'll list what I got where and the prices.
Not everything was bought all in one day some I'd bought during the week as I go on my food shops.

dress - £6 down from£12.99
boots - £12 down from £27.99
floral socks - £1 down from £1.99
hair grips - 99p

ickle baby bot - £1.95
think pink - £2.5O
space girl - £2.25
fluffy egg - £2.95
secret garden - £2.95

 butterfly dress x2  - £2.99 each
polka dot dress - £2.99

shorts - £1 down from
socks - £2.5O
hair grips x2 - £1 each
tink top - £4
cosmetic bag - £4
bunny canvas bag - £1.5O
scrunchies - £1.5O
PEZ despenser & sweets - £1 each
wicker heart - £1 down from £1.5O
frilly ankle socks pack of 3 - £2
daisy leggings - £2.5O
lace top - £1 down from £6

leather jacket - £8 down from £14
polka dot leggings - £3
2 pack tops - £3
denim tunic & leggings -£6 down from £12-£14
(This outfit can be seen in my Daisie's faves post)

My big hauls end up being quite long posts once all pictures are added, it's really tempting to VLOG hauls instead of so many photos.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Daisie's Favourites

Peppa pig she will ask for something else on then cry because she wants peppa on, First thing in the morning she will climb into our bed and ask for peppa pig on mummy/daddy's phone.
She went through a mad spell of harry and his bucket full of dinosaurs but peppa is an all time fave.

She likes pretty much anything but one thing she will ask for numerous times a day is chocolate toast/bread

Either nude or nothing but a pull up/nappy :')
She will stay dressed for a short while but if we aren't going out she will just strip off again.

Peppa pig figures & play sets and in general any kind of little figure.

Daisie's a total music head she loves any kind of music aslong as it's loud, she's found the volume button and will head straight to it and put it up as loud as she can get away with until we get to her.