Sunday, 2 March 2014

Daisie's Favourites

Peppa pig she will ask for something else on then cry because she wants peppa on, First thing in the morning she will climb into our bed and ask for peppa pig on mummy/daddy's phone.
She went through a mad spell of harry and his bucket full of dinosaurs but peppa is an all time fave.

She likes pretty much anything but one thing she will ask for numerous times a day is chocolate toast/bread

Either nude or nothing but a pull up/nappy :')
She will stay dressed for a short while but if we aren't going out she will just strip off again.

Peppa pig figures & play sets and in general any kind of little figure.

Daisie's a total music head she loves any kind of music aslong as it's loud, she's found the volume button and will head straight to it and put it up as loud as she can get away with until we get to her.