Monday, 24 March 2014

Issy's Favourites

Issy has the cartoon HD app on her tablet so her favourite tends to vary depending on what she's been watching on that but lately it's the croods.

Issy will honestly eat anything and everything ever since she was able to ask she would ask for just as slice of bread or buttered bread and she still to this day given a choice will often opt for just a slice of bread, She's been caught a few times munching into the dogs biscuits :|

Issy will tend to throw on whatever falls out of her wardrobe/drawer I'm currently battling with her to wear any pair of shoes other than her hot pink snuggs (I have no idea what possessed me to buy the pink ones) Even when the sun is shining and it's hot outside she will wear those or her wellies and no matter what I say she will not change them.
Again Issy will happily play with all of her toys but when it comes to bed time she has to have her humphy teddy.

Issy gets her groove on to anything that's up beat enough for her to have a good dance to be it country,disney,reggae etc


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