Wednesday, 12 March 2014

LUSH - Fluffy Egg

 'The perfect antidote to overindulgence at Easter. This is Lush's answer to a chocolate Easter egg; a pretty pink, sugary sweet, candy-scented bath bomb. Drop this sweet little egg into warm water for fizzing pink, candy scented fun.'

I was meant to be keeping this bath bomb for the girls to use closer to easter
but when I told the girls to pick a bath bomb from the cake stand and they both chose fluffy egg,
Of course when you have two little cuties smiling away saying please you just can't say no.
This bath bomb was another disappointing one for me personally 
as I said before in my 'LUSH SECRET GARDEN' post
I'm not one for reading what a bathbomb does,what it smells like or what to expect
but with these one I was expecting some kind of surprise inside be it a different colour or some sprinkles 
maybe I'm just to much of  a big kid.
There wasn't alot of fizzing with fluffy egg :(
The colour it turned the bath water to was pretty disappointing too, This one's colour was nothing like the colour think pink turns the water
I guess the bigger egg bath bombs has all the surprises inside so I guess I'll have to purchase those soon.

Overall I think I would purchase this bath bomb again for the girls as an easter treat.


  1. I'm desperate to try the Mother's Day flowers from Lush! I can't seem to get passed the Creamy Candy bubble bar though. I think it will always be my favourite! x x x

    1. I've not tried that one will have to grab it when i next go or make an order :) x