Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Mini Haul

Everything in this post wasn't bought in one day but has been bought or arrived this week! 
There's a few things missing from my recent buys as they came at the beginning of the week they've now entered the house of no return.
I'm sure the lazy day PJ bottoms are meant to be baggy and then tight when it gets to the cuff at the bottom like tracksuit bottoms but the size I got them in looks like leggings/long johns :/ But I know a size up will be way to big 
I honestly don't know why I bought the jewellery as I never wear them but for £1 I wasn't leaving them behind just to sulk that they were no longer in when I decided I did actually want them.
2 pack underwear - £2.5O
Lazy Day PJ bottoms - £6
Bikini - £3 a piece

Cath kids bag
Cat ear bowler hat - £3.45
Chiffon top - £2.51
White quilted top from primark but i couldn't find any in store and I NEEDED it eBay was the place to go.

Ring - £1 each 
Earrings - £1 each 
MUA matte lipstick - £1
MUA lipstick - £1
MUA Undress your skin - on offer for £3 instead of £5
Olay face wash, conditioning milk & toner - Will grab prices in a sec the girls are sleeping and I don't want to disturb them.


  1. Love the quilted top from Primark! Let me know how you get on with the MUA foundation as I'm looking for a new one. xxx
    The Jolly Fashionista

    1. I fell in love as soon as i saw someone wearing it so had to hunt it down for myself, I will do hopefully I can try it out on Monday :) x

  2. Some lovely purchases! I really want to try the Undress Your Skin, what do you think of it? xx

    1. Oooh you've just reminded me I totally forgot I had it *face palm* I'll give it a go tomorrow and let you know :) x

    2. I used my undress your skin and i love it! Usually MUA products leave me feeling really orange but this was perfect :) x