Friday, 28 March 2014

Mothers Day Baskets

With mothers day vastly approaching I thought I'd share what I got my mum & my mother in-law.
The baskets idea was a last minute idea and I had so many more ideas for my mother in-law's basket 
I just didn't get over to the shops I needed to in time so she will be receiving those gifts at a later date and just for being so great.

In the baskets I put

 Mother in-laws 
- a photo frame with a picture of Andy & the girls (the only thing she asked for)
- a head wrap towel
- a tinned candle finished off with a bow around the jar
- worlds greatest grandma mug (she hates being called nan)
- a galaxy CAFE ready to heat hot chocolate complete with marshmallows
- body lotion
- a big tray of ferrero rocher
all placed in a wicker basket she can put whatever she wishes in once it's empty

It's amazing how tricky it becomes to buy for someone when they aren't allowed baths
all the lovely bath sets go out of the window as does bath bombs/crystals etc

My mums
- Lindt lindo limited edition strawberries and cream
- Insect  hotel
- 2x gardening gloves
- bird seed
- bird fat balls
- sunflower seed & mixed seed net
- Lavendar candle 
- cake and scraps bird feeder 
- 2x cute little flowers in a tea cup and watering can 
(which already aren't looking to healthy after being in my care a few days oopps)
she is going to go nuts at me for buying them she freaked out at the £2.5O price tag when I showed her and asked what one she'd prefer so I went back and got them when she wasn't with me
and it's all placed in a hanging basket for her garden.

My mum is finally able to enjoy and find peace in her garden again.
My mums birthday is also on 1st April 

What did you get your mum this year? If your a mum yourself what did you ask for?