Sunday, 23 March 2014

Nomakeupselfie/Makeupselfie - Cancer Research

  I have to be honest when I first saw this going on I was one of the ones that thought how the hell is a no make-up selfie raising awareness or money for cancer?
I saw some posters actually donating along with their selfies. 
With my mother in-law diagnosed with bowel cancer last year and recently having to have an operation to remove her bowel because the cancer was to low into her bowel they couldn't just take it away and rejoin the bowel back together and needing more chemo I just had to take part.
For a lot of the people taking part I have never seen without any make-up so I know all though it seems like such a simple silly thing to be doing it takes a lot for some women to bare their face without make-up to the world.

Then there's the brave men getting their make-up on for a selfie
Again a very big thing for some manly men to do but they are doing and donating!
above is my partner with a face full of powder,blush,mascara and lipstick.
There's also another one going round for the men 
c**k in a sock for testicular cancer 

Here's a few of the men in my family getting made up to raise money for cancer research too

Don't they all make such pretty girls :) 

To make a donation with or without posting a no make-up selfie 
Text BEAT to 70099 OR 70007 – Donate £3 UK
Text PINK to 50300 – Donate £4 Ireland

Of course a selfie alone isn't raising awareness alone to check your breasts and how to do it
(some of the selfies I've seen are hash tagged with breast cancer)



  1. This post is so good! well done babe, and loving the no makeup selfies! <3