Thursday, 20 March 2014

Project girls room re-vamp

Project girls room re-vamp

We finally got the girls room decorated, floor laid and kitted out with furniture a little while a go
but my little destroyer has added her own little touch to the walls and the previous paint wasn't durable so is showing up every finger print and drink splashes which just looks awful.
So as soon as Daisie is out of her paint and decorator stage it's full steam ahead with new wallpaper 
I will be painting the walls with durable paint asap tho!
We just won't be wallpapering until we know for sure she won't go colouring it in or pulling bits offs.

I look at all these gorgeous rooms on my instagram feed with artificial flowers in pretty vases, pictures in pretty frames etc and wonder how the hell do they keep them kept so nice and do they always look that way?
At every chance Daisie gets she will climb the chest of drawers between their beds and strip the shelves above of anything they have on them.
I'm going to attempt the pretty stuff but I plan to put shelves above their beds this time and so high up they can't reach them (hopefully)

I'm undecided on the colour of wallpaper to go for (the rose pictures at the very top left hand corner)
I'm going for cream walls so I'm thinking the pink but quite torn ATM.
I plan to have a lot of pink and floral accessories so it's not so bland and boring


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