Saturday, 12 April 2014

Argan oil shampoo25Oml

I grabbed this beauty from my local poundland
It's on eBay ranging from £2.79 + £2.9O P&P to £3.99 with FREE P&P 
They also have the conditioner on there which I'm intrigued about and would love to give ago
but I'll keep my eyes peeled for it in poundland first
They had some other argan oil bits in too but I only grabbed this for now.
I can't stand the feel of oily stuff!! so even this was a hit and miss for me but you can barely notice that it has any oil in, it just feels like a normal everyday shampoo.
I used it the other day and I don't know if it's the placebo effect because I've seen/heard the name argan oil pop up all over the place or because it is really good?
I used it along with my normal shampoo and conditioner using this as the second lot of shampoo after my original one first, The stuff I'm using is a new one I'm trying from wilkos
and it usually leaves my hair feeling a little bit rough 
but with the argan oil shampoo used in between my hair feels really smooth and looks shiny.
You only need a small little amount for it to lather up, my hair is mid length and I only needed two little squeezes for my hair 
I'm definitely stocking up if they have any left on my next visit

Have you tried any argan oil products?


  1. I tried this & the conditioner and loved it but my locals haven't had it in for a while. I'm constantly checking but may have to resort to buying online :) x

    1. I'm really pleased with my first try :) I hate how quick they sell out and no restocks of the best things :( I'd happily pay the £5.99 for the two from eBay x

  2. I really want your poundland in Lisburn lol.. Our poundland never has anything decent (unless i'm not looking hard enough).. The best aisle in the shop, is the cleaning aisle.. or the crafty aisle sometimes.. but for other wee bits & bobs, there's never anything, worth buying! :( xx

    1. Mine has some really good bits in but they only really have them in once :( once they've sold out that's it, You can get the shampoo & conditioner on ebay for £5.99, I love the cleaning isle i always go there to buy my cleaning bits :) x