Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Broody Broody Broody....

Everyone around me seems to be announcing their pregnancies or giving birth, It's impossible not to be broody especially when my sister in-law has just given birth to a gorgeous little girl!
As I'm sure every mum will know when your child gets to an age were they aren't exactly babies anymore
the whole world seems to ask you when your having another and tell you it's time for another
and it's been no different for me & the girls are no exception, Every other day Issy & Daisie ask me can they have a brother they even have a name for him, why don't I have another everyone else has 3 kids and the excitement from them when I'm bloated after a meal is just soo cute! Daisie is turning 3 in July and will be starting nursery in September.
We started trying for Daisie when Issy was in nursery and I fell pregnant quite quickly  and that was the plan for number #3 when Daisie started nursery too.
It seems like such the perfect age to have another while Issy's at school, Daisie would be at nursery while I'll be at home with baby BUT
As much as I really want another and as much as my womb & heart are begging me My head is screaming 'OH HELL NO
I've been a mum since I was 16 and I love every moment of it but as selfish as I may sound I would like at least a year were I can treat myself a little and my body being my own of course If we had another now every penny we get would go towards stuff for baby (most of our money now goes towards the girls)
I'd also like to be driving for atleast a year before we have another (as much as the thought kills me) 
So we can enjoy some days out with the girls and maybe a holiday or two.

While all those thoughts are circling my mind I also have many PRO's to having another now,
When the girls and baby are of an age to be left alone I'll still be of an age to be able to live the life I didn't have in my younger days, I'm not talking clubbing maybe a girly weekend away or something! Without the guilt and worry of leaving the kids behind like I have now.
They would all be of an age were they would be practically begging me to leave them alone just for a night or two. Where as If I put off having another for a few more years there will always be a baby to stop me from enjoying some time away, I have always said I don't want any more once I hit 3O to the point I've considered being sterilized at 3O (I know there's no way my broodiness would allow that) but I'm still set on having 4 children so unless I have twins that little plan I've always had will be going out of the window.

I don't believe their ever is a perfect time to have children, When you feel ready is the most perfect time you'll ever get.


  1. My friends have been announcing their pregnant over this past month or so. My youngest starts school this year and I would love to have another little one around x

    1. Everyday it seems a friend announces their pregnancy, Oh the broodiness! Having Andy saying it's down to me and his ready when I am isn't helping lol, That seems the perfect little age gap :) I'd love to follow your TTC/pregnancy journey if you share on your blog x

  2. I don't think I was ever ready in my head for Macey. When you have other kids you have to think of them too! I just ignored my head and just went for it. It was definitely the best decision! x x x

    1. The girls ask me every other day could I have another and why cant they have a brother everyone else has 3 kids why can't I lol, get super excited when I bloat that I could be pregnant again, id really like to take the girls to disney land paris and some holidays first there's a niggling that if I cant afford to do that right now would I ever be able to with another child? The broodiness is very slowly winning the debate x