Sunday, 13 April 2014

Easter bucket list - Decorate plant pots

Today we got to tick another thing of our Easter to do list and got the paints out again to decorate some plant pots.
Such a cheap and fun thing to do my pots cost me £1.5O each for a 23cm pot from wilkinsons
I plan to go back and get a few in different sizes as the girls had so much fun painting them, Daisie is still to finish her's but we have plenty of time to add extras to it :)
I love how the girls were total opposites and Issy painted in brights while Daisie painted in pastels.
I plan on getting some more this size and doing hand print tulips on them but today 
I thought I'd let the girls go wild and do whatever they wished to do and it was a total hit Issy was asking could she finish Daisie's so next time I shall be grabbing extras.

What you will need
- plant pot
- paints
- paintbrush 
- some clothes you don't mind the kids getting messy in 

Have you been up to some super cheap crafts this Easter holiday?


  1. They look like there having a lot of fun :) x

    1. They had great fun :) Daisie got a little bored but me & Issy are addicted so I keep buying more in for us to paint x

  2. These look great fun! I think we need to paint some Easter pots too! :) x

    1. They had loads of fun and have requested to paint some more since :) x

  3. this is a great idea. I am hoping to do some gardening with my two this weekend so might give this a go x

    1. It's such a fun and penny friendly craft, Although Daisie got a little bored when we done them she's asked can we do some more since x