Saturday, 19 April 2014

Easter bucket list - Farm trip

 WARNING -  picture heavy post

Today we had our trip to the hop farm.
On arrival,the website and their Facebook website it was listed FREE entry but I had read on facebook on a friends status that the farm is now 1O tokens to get in a token being £1 per token
which even at that price I didn't think was to bad, As we got their we were greeted with the £1 parking fee again not to bad but what about this FREE entry?
the FREE entry allows you to walk into the hop farm, play area and crazy golf 
but everything else costs from 1 token right up to 5 tokens per person
I knew some rides you had to pay for but not all
so much for the FREE entry huh?
Don't get me wrong I didn't expect it all for free but it would have been nice for the FREE entry to have been a bit more clear stating that the farm wasn't free 
Luckily because I read previously that you had to pay for entry to the farm animals and the rides being from £1-£3 I had some cash on me but only ended up purchasing 1O tokens
when we got closer to the farm section there was a maximum of 1O animals which I wasn't willing to pay £1O to spend 2 minutes in there. 
It was a little bit chilly so that put a downer on that part of the day if it was warmer and I had some more money on me I'd have been more than happy to stay longer and let the girls have a few go's on the rides and go into the farm but with me taking up a token to it just wasn't worth doing or going on half the things as I would have no money left after going on 2-3 things the £5O I took with me really wasn't enough to cover the day like I had thought :(
So after a go on a few rides we decided we'd head to broaditch farm for the Easter bunny hunt and the Easter wonderland the entry for these were £8 each for the combo for children and £1 for adults 
Although broaditch farm isn't the kind with animals 
I really cannot recommend broaditch farm enough I can't wait to get involved in the other activities through out the year, their Halloween event is high up on my list I chickened out last year!
The easter wonderland was a alice in wonderland theme Alice leads you through wonderland to the white rabbit who reads you a story then you head off to get a gift (totally unexpected)
The gift was such good quality too, they got to choose from an chocolate egg and egg cup or a mug.
Then we headed off to the bunny hunt soooo much fun
you walk through the woods looking for clues each bunny you came across had a name and a number which with those names and numbers you had to work out what it was it said on your worksheet 
we also had to look out for some other woodland creatures, carrots and radish
Once we were done we had to head back to the farm to collect our prizes again AMAZING quality there's 4 baskets of toys to choose from or a big chocolate bunny.
There was also the awesome barrel buggies at £1.5O a go I was just gutted I couldn't have a go :( 

Have you visited a farm this easter?


  1. Aw looked like a great day out! My son's too little for farm trips just yet, but looking forward to taking him to one when he's older :)

    1. I'm so excited to go back for the other events through out the year, it's so much fun :) x

  2. pretty nice blog, following :)