Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Hello April

With march behind us we are on to one of the most busiest months in my family from the very first day of the month!
Today we have my mum and two of my brothers birthdays
could you imagine trying to get anyone to believe you were in labour/gave birth on april fools now days not once but twice just a few years apart? as well as it being your own birthday too!

My mum hates having her photo taken so much that if she finds one she will rip her face out of it.
I had one of me as a baby with her in and she actually flew across the room to get it off me and rip her face out of it :(
So it's rare you'll find a photo of her with her consent I have the odd few but she's not overally happy about it but they from my brothers wedding.
So sadly I can't share a up to date picture of my wonderful mum with you.

And then it's on to many more birthdays through the month
with my nieces being tomorrow, my great niece on the 3rd and my other niece on the 5th 
and that's just the beginning of the month.
Then of course we have easter!!! 
(Easter basket post coming up as soon as the baskets arrive)


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