Wednesday, 16 April 2014

My tattoos and their meanings

To be honest not many of my tattoos have much of a meaning so I will list the ones with meaning , I'm one of those people that likes a design so will have it done and deal with it later, I don't regret any of my tattoos I regret placements but not tattoos! I'm not keen on the size I had my leopard print down my arm but never mind there's not a lot I can do about it now
I wanted it back when I had it, I see it as I won't ever be on my death bed wishing I had something done while I had the chance why worry about later? live for what you want to do now, How will I look when I'm older? Pretty damn awesome ;) 
and I'm going to be more worried about getting to bingo on time rather than how pretty my legs look in my knee length pleated skirt.

Chest - My chest is a piece that's dedicated to my girls, The devil and angel swallow represent that children can be little angels but such little devils too! Not that Daisie is the naughty one and Issy's the good one like everyone seems to think.

Back - My back hasn't been done yet but the design is ready and waiting to go! It's a dream catcher that to look at would be a standard dream catcher but to me it has 5 different meaningful features in it. even down to the beads and feathers

Roman numerals on my hands - The roman numerals I have on each hand are the girls date of births

Fingers - Not all of them have a meaning but two have a meaning I have an A on my ring finger for Andy and I have a fishing hook on my little finger (Andy loves fishing and we used to go for the weekend every now and then) We plan to make it a family thing as soon as I can drive.

Candy cane heart on my hip - I have a candy cane heart on my hip that's black and white tho (being a Tim Burton fan and all that) It has the date of mine and Andys first Christmas together, Andy also has matching on his leg.

I have many other tattoos if you wish to see those please don't hesitate to ask :)


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