Friday, 25 April 2014

Picnic Pastels

I made the mistake of going down the summer/spring isle in asda the other day
and came across the most gorgeous picnic stuff.
I fell in love with the fold away lunch bags and cool bag so just had to go back for them,
I really need to go and grab the gorgeous plates,bowels and cups they have in too
all in gorgeous polka dot pastels! I'm likely to use them as everyday plates for the girls tho
I plan to do lots of park picnic trips with the girls this summer so was on the look out for a cool bag to hold all of our stuff and this was just perfect.
The little lunch bags also came in pastel gingham sort of pattern too and many other colours, 
I've tried to find them online so I could show you the full range but I'm having no luck in finding them online :( 

The cuteness of the little lunch bags there was no way I was leaving them behind 
I can see the girls strolling along with them in hand now :') 
Although it's likely to be bundled on the buggy if I know my girls. 
They are the perfect size for a little lunch for little ones and can be easily carried by them too,
Each bag folds down nice and flat and velcro's shut perfect for when they are empty making them so much easier to get home
 What makes this range even more brilliant if you aren't already sold by the gorgeous colours is the price
The 15L cool bag is a bank breaking £3 and the little lunch bags £1.5O each 


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