Sunday, 27 April 2014

Reverse shampooing

I've seen reverse shampooing posts all over the place.
Yep you read that correctly you condition first and shampoo last, it feels so alien to do I keep forgetting to do it that way it just feels so odd to do it that way after years of shampooing first.

So I gave it ago for myself when I finally remembered but my results wasn't as great as the ones I had read about my hair was greasy a lot sooner than it usually gets, A hair wash lasts me around 3 days if I'm lucky! I'm convincing myself its my hair colour with my roots showing as much as they are against the light ginger that makes it look so greasy tho as it doesn't feel greasy but looks like I've dipped my head in a chip fryer, whether my results where different because my hair washing session was gate crashed by the girls too, I thought I'd got away with sneaking upstairs for a quick hair wash while they were settled and happily playing but I was wrong so it was a matter of quickly rinsing it all out, I could possibly have let some in and that's why I ended up with greasy hair a lot sooner OR it could be that I had 2 shampoos in the mix
I will be trying again when the girls are in bed to see if the results are any different with my argan oil shampoo & conditioner as I managed to pick up the argan oil conditioner in poundland on Weds.
(I'm currently researching if they are animal tested)
I'm not getting on to well with the wilko own brand shampoo & conditioner so will be going back to my fave superdrug own brand, also following my recent post about outing animal tested products I'm having no luck with finding if Wilkinson own brand is cruelty free and I've read superdrug own brand is cruelty free so superdrug I'm coming for you!


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