Friday, 4 April 2014

Revlon - 220 Juicy Apricot

While in my local poundland I took a little longer to have a look at the make-up they had in
as I've seen their chit chat range pop up on a few blogs, I usually dive straight passed to the cleaning or themed isle they have
as always there was a hidden gem or two among all their chit chat range of lipsticks and lipglosses 
there was some revlon lipsticks many shades of reds but I haven't worn red lisptick in ages so I didn't grab any of the red shades this time but I may go back for some as they are so cheap,
there was also this gorgeous peachy kind of shade, which I loved the minute I had a look!
So it went straight into my basket
The third picture is alot more true to the actual shade (I really must work on my photography)
I've gone crazy for peach,coral, nude and all sorts of lighter shades of lipsticks recently so this one is just perfect, I'm yet to actually wear this lipstick out as I keep forgetting about lipstick all together. I'm wearing it at the moment tho and I love the shade
These lipsticks come with a moisture kind of stick in the centre which smells like mint
I did grab a picture of it on but my skin is just horrific ATM

I also grabbed a sally hanson sugar coat nail varnish
but that ended up all over our tablet, my sofa and floor.
(I really must learn that leaving my girls for even a second is dangerous)


  1. thats such a pretty color!! xxx

    1. I love it, It's what I'm wearing in my new Facebook profile picture it really doesn't picture all that well tho :( x