Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Scuffity scuff

Today I went and grabbed the girls some new shoes before we headed to the park for the day,  because Issy's new sandals I bought from eBay her toes are hanging right off the ends and both girls are in serious need of some summer shoes.
Issy chose hers and was really chuffed with them
so when we got to subway she got changed into them, then we headed to Wilkinsons (a few feet away)
while I nipped in to get us some more plant pots to decorate 
she stayed outside and played a small bit of football with Andy. I wasn't even gone for 5 minutes 
and I came out to a tiny scuff and the front of her shoe gaping away at me!!
Playing football in them really wasn't daddy's wisest choice but I'd have hoped that 
they could handle a small bit of football considering they are being worn by a child?
Issy is a super scuffer but never have they scuffed so quickly they literally had just over 5 minutes of wear :(
I still have the receipt and will be taking them back tomorrow to swap for another pair that hopefully can manage more than 5 minutes of wear.
Andy has said he will glue them but £7 and 5 minutes of wear at the most
really isn't that impressive at all.

We never did make it to the park as Daisie really isn't well at the moment.


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