Saturday, 5 April 2014

Things to do this easter holidays by Issy 6

This morning I asked Issy what she would like to do over the easter holidays 
I was planning a post of what to do over the holidays anyway but then I thought even better
I'll do a list of the things Issy would like to do (what better then hearing it straight from a child)

What Issy would like to do

Swimming - depending on what kind of swimming pool you go to it can be a pretty cheap day out for all of the family, It was strange Issy suggested this because she refused to set foot or even consider swimming since 2O12 when she fell under water while on holiday, She has attempted once since and lasted not even 5 minutes in the pool but she wants to go so she can do some doggy diving (basically jump into the pool)

Picnic - Brilliant cheap day out if the weather is on your side this Easter holiday.

Visit family - Issy would really like to go and visit her cousins and nanny.

Park days - Lovely FREE day out unless you have a boating lake kind of park like we do with bouncy castles, go karts and a train that takes you round the huge field or the little mini fun fairs like to arrive and pitch up. 

Soft play -  Hours of fun again nice and cheap if you go to the right one. We have one that has a bowling alley beside it but the girls haven't showed much interest in it yet they just dive straight into the soft play and this one is amazing as it has a bar and food right beside it so we can still see the girls and chill out over lunch and a drink (we don't go for meals very often so this is amazing for us to have some us times with the girls still in sight)

Cafe lunch  -  Both my girls love a subway and I love the prices of their kids paks, you can't beat a cafe lunch and then head off to a park.

Make chocolate milk  - with cream and marshmallows on the top, I usually do the girls hot chocolates like this in the winter but I don't see why it can't work in the summer with chocolate milkshake.

Mummy's ideas

Visit a farm - If the weather is on your side a farm where you can feed the animals makes a great day out, We have one local that is really cheap to visit and you buy buckets of food for something like £2 and the entry isn't much more than £3 either.

Decorate plant pots & plant some flowers - I got this great idea from one of the lovely mums I follow on instagram @kellyf1990 I really want to pretty up my front & back garden and what better way with not only flowers but with plant pots decorated by the girls? 

Egg hunt - Mentioned in a previous post ever since Issy was old enough to go hunting I've done a little Easter egg hunt for her every year, I didn't plan on one this year but when in Iceland she spotted the pretty foil covered miniature eggs and said we needed some for a hunt so how on earth could i say no?

Pasta necklaces -  While making a macaroni cheese the other week it hit me that it would be the perfect crafty fun to make some pasta necklaces/bracelets with the girls and super cheap too!

Do you have any plans for this Easter holiday?


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