Saturday, 3 May 2014

Bargain Toys - House of fraser

Bargain Toys

Up until recently House of Fraser was never a shop I'd consider popping into or having a peek on their website, I've always felt the prices would be way to high for me but they have so many bargain toys on their website!
I first bought from them a few months ago because they were one of the only places that had a fijit in stock which was on the top of Daisie's birthday wish list, I made the mistake of taking a peek today and these are just a small amount of the amazing bargains I came across.
Issy's recently started liking monster high and house of Fraser have so many on their for a bargain price of £7.99 a doll in their sale
as well as lalaloopsys £4.99 for the mini triple sets, littles for £8.99
Disney barbies for £6.99 and so much more...


  1. Some good bargains on there! I haven't even really thought about Logan's birthday yet! =\ Need to get on it! x x x

    1. I'm really surprised at the prices, I expected them to be a lot higher and a lot less of a range to choose from my brother works as a security guard for one of our local big house of fraser's and the prices of bags & skin cream he tells me about is shocking x