Thursday, 15 May 2014

Big sister hamper

With talks of trying for baby number 3 I thought I'd share the big sister hamper from Daisie I done up for Issy in the run up to Daisie's birth.
Of course when it comes to having another baby all sorts of worries go through your mind, will they feel pushed out? will they take badly to having a brother/sister? will they feel less loved? the list goes on.
So through out my pregnancy I stocked up on things to add to a little hamper to keep Issy super busy in the early days of us coming home or while I'm in hospital if for any reason I was to be kept in,

In the box 2 x big sister tops
big sister badge
pens & pencils
big sister card
drinking cup
big sister teddy
jumbo pen
plenty of colouring/activity books
chocolate lollies
mini books
book light
magnetic calendar
home made taggy blanket (I made Daisie one too)
treat/surprise bag

It's likely I've missed some bits as it was 3 years or so ago!

The tops made Issy feel really special and part of the team, everywhere we went she told everyone she was a big sister and to come and stroke her baby sister lol,  she loved feeding Daisie at every chance she got (I even woke up to her doing a night feed with daddys help of course) 
helping out with nappy changes and bath times.

Alot of the little colouring packs, magnetic calendar, pens & pencils etc cost as little as £1.5O or so alot of it I grabbed from ebay :)