Saturday, 31 May 2014

BOMB cosmetics - Little hotties

Today the girls, me and my mum had a little trip out to our local garden centre 
as they had a little mobile petting corner visiting and with the school week off coming to an end it was the perfect way to end it! 
They have a great selection of Yankee Candles so I sniffed those little jars of heaven down.
A few steps away was BOMB cosmetics little hotties range at £7.99 for how many you can fit in a box those little babies were coming home with me! 
My mum treated me to a box :) 

With your box full of little hotties of your choice you get a little booklet that shows you what hotties to put together to get a certain scent, although it's a little tricky to tell them apart once they've been in a box together and mixed up I can't wait to get mixing.
I managed to fit 44 little hotties into my box so pretty impressive for the price, considering I was going to be paying something like £1.39 for just one Yankee wax tart!


  1. I've just been on their website. I'm so putting an order in for their bath bombs next week! They look amazing! x x x

    1. Don't they just! I was gutted they only had the soaps and these there today and only the gift packs with bath bombs in, suppose it's a good thing as I'd have spent a fortune I have £3O+ in my basket on their website and that's just bath bombs! ooppss.. But they are so pretty x