Sunday, 25 May 2014

LUSH - Sakura

This morning I got to use my sakura bath bomb and to be totally honest the child in me was totally disappointed :(
I thought with all those pink and the random blue specks I'd be in for a nice colourful bath but I was wrong. 
It turned the water a musky sort of colour but the smell was just amazing!
I have a blocked nose but what I could smell was delicious it smelt as if i'd opened loads of those huge sherbert sticks. For that reason alone I'd repurchase.
I must add I never got to the centre of this bath bomb so if there is a surprise in the centre I totally missed it as Daisie seems to have a thing about not letting bath bombs totally finishing I have to keep putting them back in without her realizing and as she was in charge of my bath bomb this morning her rules had to be kept and there's still some of it on the side of the bath waiting for me to jump back in the tub a little later once the girls are asleep.


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