Thursday, 8 May 2014

My new shopping buddy

A few posts down I have posted about outing animal tested products, To help me with this I signed up for a little book of cruelty free from which folds out with lists of cosmetic and household product companies that don't test on animals. 
IT fits perfectly in my purse so can come with me everywhere :)

About the book
The little book of cruelty free is produced by cruelty free international to help you identify certified products available to buy in UK stores.We approve each company's entire range of own brand products so even if you do not see the leaping bunny on pack, you can be confident that their products are cruelty-free. Cruelty free international was founded by the BUAV and is dedicated to ending animal testing for consumer products worldwide.


  1. Such a great idea...I am definitely getting one of these. Sadly I have no idea who does and doesn't test on animals and just buy things without checking. I'm just hoping I am safe with MAC???

    x Maria x

    1. I'm still learning my feet with finding whats what and who's who as it doesn't list brands like olay it will list the main brand that owns them (i think that's what they are) so it would be P&G rather than olay which on a shop with kids in tow could take some spotting/finding out, From what I've found MAC are no longer cruelty free :( But I find them a hard one to judge as from what I've read their statement says they only ever test if the law requires it, so is there really any avoiding it in that case and is it their fault? it's so confusing x