Thursday, 29 May 2014

Simple - spotless skin

I've been drying to get my hands on some of the simple range for ages now but 
although they aren't to pricey I'm very tight on spending when it comes to myself so I'd look at the price and walk away. Especially when it comes to face wipes because in my house they end up getting used for everything snotty noses, little bums, wiping up spills etc
But while browsing online at Tesco as I had a £1OO gift card (thanks to sky) they had a lot of the simple range on offer for £1 and £1.5O's so I snapped them right up, there's others I have my eye on and in my basket ready to buy as I had to go in store to do my shop in the end with my gift card and they only had these ones in stock that I could see.

simple spotless skin - quick fix cleansing wipes
£1 RRP £2 which I'd still happily pay after using them. I really have noticed a difference in my spots from day one just like the packaging says.

simple spotless skin -rapid action spot zapper
£2.5O RRP £5 I'm yet to use this as my skin has cleared up so well with the wipes alone I've had no reason to but if the wipes are anything to go by this will be a god send.

simple spotless skin - triple action face wash
£1.5O RRP £3 Again I'm yet to use this but it seems promising with how well the wipes have worked.

Although these have now gone back to full price with Tesco they are on offer of buy one get on FREE! On until 9/6/2014


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