Saturday, 3 May 2014


I found this Tag over on Chloes blog chlooooooeeee  and just had to take part :)

1. What are you wearing? 
Vest top, high waisted jeans and flip flops

2. Ever been in love? 
3. Ever had a terrible breakup? 
Kind of it was simple to begin with then a arguement over my house broke out

4. How tall are you? 
around 5'5

5. How much do you weigh? 
It depends where in my house I weigh myself in my bathroom I'm 9st but in my room I'm 1Ost

6. Any tattoos? 

7. Any piercings? 
A fair few

8. OTP? 

9. Favourite show? 
I guess it would be hollyoaks? as that's the only thing I really watch 

10. Favourite bands?
 That's a tough one I can't really say I have one

11. Something you miss?
My mumsies home made meals 

12. Favourite song? 
Currently it's how long will i love you by Ellie Goulding

13. How old are you? 
14. Zodiac sign? 

15. Quality you look for in a guy? 
able to make me laugh 

16. Favourite quote? 
I  have quite a few but now I've been asked I can't think of any

17. Favourite actor? 
Johnny Depp

18. Favourite colour? 

19. Loud music or soft? 
Depends on my mood

20. Where do you go when you're sad? 
My bedroom or my bath

21. How long does it take you to shower? 
I mainly bath but when I shower it takes me about 2O minutes

22. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 
Depends if I'm putting my make-up with make-up around 3O-4O minutes, without 1O minutes I usually chuck my hair in a messy bun most days

23. Ever been in a physical fight? 

24. Turn on? 
Cheek bones!! A good set of prominent cheek bones oofftt

25. Turn off? 
Cockiness and bag hygiene although I love the smell of Andy when his really sweaty (Weird I know)

26. The reason I joined youtube? 
I don't have a channel or anything but I auto had an account when I joined Google+

27. Fears? 
Sick, Needing a drip/line put in my hand or arm and moths + butterflies

28. Last thing that made me cry? 
BIG fish 

29. Last time you said you loved someone? 
Just before Andy & Issy went out about an hour ago

30. Meaning behind your youtube name? 
It's my name so doesn't really have much of a meaning 

31. Last book you read? 
My James by James bulgers dad

32. The book you are currently reading? 
I'm still to finish My James

33. Last show you watched? 
I have how I met your mother on so I guess it would be that

34. Last person you talked to? 

35. The relationship between you and the person you last texted? 
My phone is cut off because I've been naughty and ignored my bill, But I fb messenger'ed my niece

36. Favourite food? 
Oohh tough one I love most foods, take away is always the best but I love a home made spag bol

37. Place you want to visit? 
Oooh loads, New york, Egypt, Mexico, Africa the list is endless

38. Last place you were? 
Other than my house it would have been the shops with my friend

39. Do you have a crush? 

40. Last time you kissed someone? 
This morning

41. Last time you were insulted? 
I can't remember insulting each other is part of mine and Andys daily routine

42. Favourite flavour? 

43. What instruments do I play? 
I don't

44. Favourite piece of jewellery?  
I don't wear jewellery but I have many necklaces that mean a lot to me from when I was little 

45. Last sport you played? 
Would be trampolining with the girls on their old 8ft one

46. Last song you sang? 
How long will I love you - Ellie Goulding

47. Favourite chat up line? 
Did you just fart? because you blew me away LMAO just because it's hilarious and I wouldn't know what to do other than laugh if someone said that to me

48. Have you ever used it? 

49. Last time you hung out with anyone? 
Yesterday with my friend and Daisie

50. Who should answer these questions next? 
Christie, Sarah, Stacie & Heather but I think Heather has already done one.


  1. Great post! I learned a lot about you!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it and learnt some things about me :) If there's ever anything you'd love to know don't hesitate to contact me :) x

  2. I really enjoyed this Blog and have Tagged myself, hope you don't mind, it looked like fun. My Blog is if you want to check it out
    x Maria x

  3. Thank you :) Of course not looking forward to heading over to your blog and reading your answers :) x