Thursday, 5 June 2014

2O Things


It's been awhile since I done a 2O facts about me so I thought I'd post another for my new followers that don't want to hunt back to April 2O13 to find it.

1- I'm an aunty to 11 and a great aunty to 6
2 - I don't like beans or cheese but can ONLY eat them together 
3 - I'm the baby with 4 older brothers the youngest of the 4 being 1O years older than me
4 - Despite having over 2O+ piercings having a cannula is my worst fear
5 - I've never been abroad and don't have a passport 
6 - I used to collect cheesy bugs (wood lice) in a hamster cage and wonder why they went away when I gave them plenty of mud HA
7 - I'm certified in above the waist body piercing
8 - I'm a shopaholic
9 - I'm really set on not having anymore children once I'm 3O I have no idea but it's been a rule since I can remember
1O - I can't be touched when in water, by someone with wet hands or touch things when my hands are wet BUT I want a water birth
11 - My favourite colour is green 
12 - I had Issy when I was 16
13 - Moths & butterflies absolutely terrify me, those beady eyes arghh...
14 - I was run over by my cousin on a motorbike when I was younger and broke my leg in 2-3 places but walked on it for a week 
15 - I'm super dim and way to dim for my own good, I come out with the most stupidest things it's actually scary
16 - I always thought elephants were scared of mice because they could fit up their trunk and suffocate them LMAO It was only when Andy burst out laughing I realized it wasn't true 
17 - I jumped through a double glazed window when I was in primary school because I wanted to do gymnastics 
18 - I've had my hair 2 different shades of the rainbow at once (one side pastel the other brights)
19 - I love rats! 
2O - I'm Tim Burton obsessed!


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